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  • New Gods (also known as New Deities New Entities Alien Gods Alein Deities and Alien Entities) are a powerful race of gods originating from twin planets: New Genesis and the hellish Apokolips (both of those planets are 2/3 smaller than the size of Cybertron, theoretically speaking). Darkseid is the current king of the Apokoliptians. Genesisians are related to the Right of the True Real-World.
  • Jack Kirby 's meta-series where he developed an entire cosmic mythology involving the New Gods of the utopia of New Genesis and the dystopia of Apokolips. Collectively, they were called The Fourth World. New Genesis and Apokolips were once one planet, but were split apart during the Old Gods' Ragnarok.
  • Jul 16,  · Directed by Richard Compton. With Cleavant Derricks, Kari Wuhrer, Robert Floyd, Tembi Locke. During a slide, Mallory injures his back and is unable to walk. He hears of a group of faith healers who may be able to help him walk again. But to do so may come at an unacceptable cost.
  • Jan 23,  · For the most part, these are prequels to Kirby's original works, containing early adventures of the New Gods. There are a few duds, but most fit very well with Kirby's vision. See the origins of Darkseid and Kanto, the early adventures of Scott Free, and even the birth of Orion!/5(9).
  • The New Gods (also known as Alien Gods Titan Gods or simply the Titans) are an alien race of immortal beings native to the neighboring planets of Apokolips and New crimosinlfutabunoutropewacera.co World: Apokolips New Genesis.
  • Sep 04,  · At the heart of the Fourth World is The New Gods, a series whose scale and grandeur have astonished readers for generations. And at the center of Kirby's startlingly original pantheon of larger-than-life characters are two of comics' greatest adversaries: Orion of New /5(68).
  • May 30,  · The New Gods are a race of highly powerful beings who live in the Fourth World, a realm far removed from the rest of the DC Universe and accessible .
  • Directed by Ava DuVernay. Plot unknown. Feature film based on the DC comic book series, 'The New Gods.'.
  • The New Gods are a spacefaring race of humanoid beings that are practically immortal, wield phenomenal amounts of physical might, and are native to two known planets: New Genesis and Apokolips. The New Gods of Apokolips serve under their feared leader, Darkseid, while the New Gods of New Genesis are led by their benevolent lord crimosinlfutabunoutropewacera.coation(s): Darkseid Highfather.

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